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  • Hi Robb, AMCA believes that ducted air systems are an effective, energy-efficient and economical means for satisfying ventilation requirements in commercial HVAC systems. We advocate for the consideration of high performance air systems to help ...

  • Hi Folks, FEI has several uses. Fan specifiers can use it to understand and communicate fan-efficiency design intent, while legislative and regulatory bodies can use it to define energy-efficiency requirements of fans. The standard has been written to ...

  • Monash University's Insurance Work and Health Group, led by Professor Alex Collie, was asked to develop a high-level system map of the current Australian service delivery model for supporting people with a work-related injury or disability in their return ...

  • Hi Team, A Federal Government statutory authority is releasing new research that estimates the scale and cost of health-related work incapacity in Australia. And it looks at opportunities to improve the situation. Comcare, the Government's compensation ...

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  • First Time EB Attendee

    Hi, this is my first time attending EB.  I am looking to connect with people who will be attending the meeting and can offer any advice about presenting a poster at EB.  I know some other first time attendees that will also be attending.  Should we form a group to meet up at EB?
  • Call for Council Nominations

    Play a role in choosing your next ASPET leaders.  The call for nominations for ASPET Council positions is now open.  Nominate fellow colleagues and/or yourself for President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer-Elect, and Councilor.

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