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  • Hi Team, In 2007, after spending years collecting the stories of people who have made careers out of their passions, Roadtrip Nation saw a deep, relevant connection between their learnings from the Road and students in the classroom. The need for ...

  • You need to find a mentor. For me, Boeing actually assigned me a mentor when I first joined the company, but you can find mentors as early as when you're in school. All you need to do is think about where you'd like to be in ten to fifteen years, then ...

  • A terminal degree gets you in the door to higher education. Continuing education regarding business, management, leadership, project management, etc. will enhance vertical promotions. Communication has to be the most crucial element in any business venture ...

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  • If you're a business thinking about coming to Florida, they know attainment. Because they want to know the adults in a community that are 25 and older- how many of them have a post-secondary credential. That means do they have a certificate, do they have ...


  • First Time EB Attendee

    Hi, this is my first time attending EB.  I am looking to connect with people who will be attending the meeting and can offer any advice about presenting a poster at EB.  I know some other first time attendees that will also be attending.  Should we form a group to meet up at EB?
  • Call for Council Nominations

    Play a role in choosing your next ASPET leaders.  The call for nominations for ASPET Council positions is now open.  Nominate fellow colleagues and/or yourself for President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer-Elect, and Councilor.

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